WWE SuperCard Cheats

WWE SuperCard Cheats 2019 – Get instant Credits

WWE SuperCard Cheats

WWE SuperCard aims at providing players real WWE sport experience via its unique card system. This game is designed and published by 2K company. The game is not an action-based combat game, instead, it is more like a card-collecting mobile game. When playing this game, you need to focus on the card selecting system which controls all the WWE cards. How to form your card’s formation and how to use proper strategic options become the key to take up this game. In these wrestle matches , the help of WWE SuperCard Cheats will become more easier.

More about WWE SuperCard

The game allows players to select their favor WWE Superstars to participate in the fight. For example, you can choose Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles to fight for you. But first, you need to collect them into your WWE team. You need to train your team into a stronger formation via various wrestling matches. Whether you are a professional wrestling fan or not, this is a game that should appeal to anyone who is desired to find a exciting wrestling game to kill their time. So if you haven’t play this game, you should to go to get it for a try.

Tips and tricks for WWE SuperCard

In order to play this wrestling game in a perfect way and succeed quickly, you need to get help from some useful tips. These latest tricks are becoming more and more helpful in avoiding mistakes which will lead you to failure in a second. We have summarized some important points in the below list.

  • Take it easy during the game play – You know, there is no time limit function in this game. So you don’t have to rush up when deploying your cards. Study your cards carefully so you can make sure why you need to deploy such card in specify situation. Don’t rely on the systems’ recommendation – they usually guide you the wrong path.
  • Focus on main wrestlers – You must have at least one primary wrestlers in your WWE team. You need to train it regularly, improve its overall performance using credits. When you try to make a wrestler better, the credit will run out quickly. In this case, you can rely on WWE SuperCard hack to generate credits for you.
  • Join a professional wrestling club – Usually a club can be made of three or more than three members. When you are in the professional wrestling club, you can get more useful advises from your partners. What’s more important, you can ask a club member to treat your wrestler and train their skills.
  • Complete tasks as many as you can – You will find a task button in the middle of the screen. When you click it, there will be a list of available tasks pop up. Try to complete them all one by one. You will receive lots of rewards after winning them. Also, this will make your progress more shinning.


These are some basic WWE SuperCard cheats and tips which can help you enjoy the game more than before. To be a top WWE player, you also need to create your own unique game play strategy and put them into use. Try different card combination and figure out the best formation for your WWE team.

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