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War Robots Cheats 2019 – Get unlimited gold and silver

War Robots Cheats

If you’re looking for exciting robots battles, action-intensive and multi-player strategic games, then you should really try War Robots. This game has been out for some years. Yet, the popularity still increases each day. The game is famous for its epic robot combat system. The game allows you to choose your own robots team to fight against your opponents. There are more than 50 weapon types you can select to arm your robots. You can build your own robot family and lead it to glorious victory.

To be the greatest robot controller in the war, you have to fight against all types of robots in the game. You can also test your strategic skills in the game by deploying your robots into different arena. In addition, our War Robots hack will help you walk through the entire war easily and quickly.

Game play features

War robots provide users with a lot of functions, making them more exciting and better than other games in the same area. To help you gain a wider understanding of the whole game play process, we have listed some features in the below section.

  • You can select more than 40 robots to take part in the war. They all have unique strength and skill. Do more research when you pick your robot.
  • You can combine your robot with different weapons (such as laser gun, electric power sword). Open your mind to build your own suitable robots.
  • You are able to create and join a robot club. This will make you not feel lonely while fighting in the large map.

Game play tips

This game is famous for its amazing qualities and functions in case you are confused about how to master your war robots quickly; we are here to share some useful War Robots cheats and tips. They will help you solve all issues you meet in the game play.

  • Find a good family as soon as possible. Once you are in the large battle, the first thing you do is find a reliable robot family and join them. You can’t win alone. You need backup from your teammates.
  • Train your robots as long as you can. A good way to ensure victory in any battle is to overwhelm your opponent. If you have a powerful robot team under your command, you can do that. That’s why you should train your robots regularly. At the beginning of the game, you will have four training camps. Use all of them at once when you are able to. By doing this, your robots will level quickly.
  • Complete all types of missions. There are two mission types in this game – individual task and family tasks. The difference between them is the rewards you will get after winning such mission. No matter which task type you complete, all tasks run in the same way. You just have to complete them one by one, then you will get huge rewards in the end.


The above tips and tricks mentioned in this article will help you conquer your opponent easily. As a result, you will have a good ranking in the PVP battles. You can also use War Robots hack to unlock more important resources (such as gold and silver) in the game. So that you can improve your robots’ performance quickly.

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