Pixel Gun 3D Cheats

Pixel Gun 3D Cheats 2019 – Get unlimited gems and coins

Pixel Gun 3D Cheats

If you like to play pixel game where you can show your shooting skills completely, then Pixel Gun 3D is the right game for you. Pixel Gun 3D : Battle Royale, developed by Cubic Games, is a fascinating shooting survival mobile game. You can collect more than 200 guns to arm your characters. More maps are opening for high-level players. To experience the most fun in this survival game, you need some trustable Pixel Gun 3D Cheats. Don’t worry, we will explain it more details.

More about Pixel Gun 3D

You may already know that the game has change its name to Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale. Some of you may feel confuse of the name changing. But you should not too worry about it. The developers want to make the game with battle royale function, so they change the name. You should be happy with that. Many new features have been add to the Battle Royale mode. Such as more weapons, more skins and more battle fields are implemented in the new game. What’s more fun is that you can chat with your teammate while playing this game. So if you have not get this new shooting game, you should give it a try now.

Tips and Tricks for Pixel Gun 3D

This game offers endless challenge to players. They will take part in lots of game modes to challenge themselves. To help you stay on the top player list, we have listed some important tips and tricks below.

  • Choose arena mode as your first start – Arena mode is a simple game play mode. You can train your shooting skills there. You will only deal with the AI enemies there. To clear the stage, you only need to defeat all the enemies on this map. What’s more important, you will obtain lots of coins in this mode.
  • Learn more about your weapons – There are more than 200 weapons in this game. We don’t want to ask you to learn all of them. You just need to focus on your mainly weapons. For us, we usually use machine gun to fight against enemy. So we just need to know about how to use it like pro.
  • Upgrade your weapons – Don’t try to use the same level weapon to fight all the battles. You will be defeated eventually. When you have enough gems in your account, you’d better spend them to upgrade your weapons. Powerful weapons can save your time and energy when dealing with stronger opponents. When you are out of gems, you can try Pixel Gun 3D hack to generate some for you.
  • Pick the right map – As mentioned above, there are lots of maps in this game. Some of them are large size and some are small size. Maps with large size are difficult to challenge. Because there are many snipers hidden there. If you don’t pay attention to each move, you will be take down immediately. For new players, we suggest you start with the small size’s maps.
  • Bring long-range weapons in Battle Royale – Battle Royale is the most challenging mode in this game. It is a completely different mode from the original game. When you are in this mode, you have to bring long-range weapons with you. To be the last the survivor in this mode, you must find a safe place to hide and use long-range weapons to attack. Don’t rush to attack your opponents. Wait for the best time to shoot them.


Although it is not easy to be the top player in Pixel Gun 3D game, with the help of our Pixel Gun 3D tricks and cheats, you can survive more longer in the challenging. So, play Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale today, and have fun!

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