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MovieStarPlanet Cheats 2019 – Get enough Diamonds

MovieStarPlanet Cheats

MovieStarPlanet is an amazing social networld theme game. It’s design for players who are looking for stardom. By playing with it, you can get a awesome planet building experience. If you wonder how to play the game effectively, then our MovieStarPlanet Cheats can help you a lot. It will help you find all the necessary information and items during the game play. The following paragraphs will give you more detailed information about the game and related factors. So just stay tuned.

More about MovieStarPlanet

MovieStarPlanet allows players to create a movie planet based on their design. You can even add parts created by other players to build planet that best represent your personality. The game is all about design and creative. You can produce awesome movie, share them on your social network. Likes and follows will help to rank your movies. Just release your creativity to make more unique fashion designs and ideas. One day, you will become famous in this planet. So if you have not play this game before, you should grab it now.

Tricks and tips for MovieStarPlanet game play

There are many things to do and explore in this movie star planet. You may feel lost in this game if you don’t pay more attention on it. We have mentioned some important points below to help you play the game like a pro. Just stick to them, you will get excellent game play result with their help.

  • Make use of other players’ designs – You don’t have to create or build a brand new design for yourself. It cost you much resource and time. You can make use of the existing designs(especially the other players’ designs). What you do is make a better modification based on the current design. You can follow this principle when you are making a movie or design new clothes.
  • Play the mini games – You will receive winning gifts after you complete a mini game. These gifts usually includes diamonds and star points. Luckily, there is no limits about how many times you can play the mini games. So you should try to run it as many as you can. As a result, you will gain lots of gifts in the end. By the way, you can also make use of MovieStarPlanet hack to earn diamonds and star points in this game.
  • Double check your works before submitting for rating – Make sure to check every detail of your work. You don’t want to mess up your work in the rating system. The higher quality of your works are, the higher rating you will get.
  • Add more friends – One of the best things about having many friends is the encouragement system. You can send like and cheer to a friend every 2 hours. Cheers and likes will bring experience to your friends. Of course, this means that you can also get likes and cheers from them. Likes and cheers will help you upgrade fast in this game.

To conclude

There are still lots of tips you need to find out in this game. We just wrapped up some useful points for you. But you still need to find your own tricks to become a top movie star planet player.

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