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Mario Kart Tour Cheats – Get instant Ruby and Coins

Mario Kart Tour hack

Mario Kart Tour is a well known racing game all over the world. On the first day of its release, it has been downloaded for millions times both in iOS and Android Platforms. People are chasing the Mario Kart topic from that day on. The game design is attractive. You will experience the classic racing challenge in the kart world tour. In the meantime, some racing obstacles may stop you if you have not prepare your kart well. That’s why you need a working Mario Kart Tour Cheats to help you get through all of them.

More about Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour game provides lots of races around the world every week. Each obstacle in the race is different from others. In addition, the destinations in the race will rotate every day! This design will make players stay in the game for more time! You will be able to control all the lovely Mario Kart role in the game. Of course, you need to unlock all the characters firstly before using them. What’s more exciting is that he game will provides multiplayer mode in the future! Just as the game promise, you will have endless racing fun with your finger in this game.

Mario Kart Tour game play tips

We can tell you that this game is unlike other racing mobile game. You need to spend more time on increasing your racing skills in order to earn the champion! In below section, we have listed some useful gameplay tips for all the players. Following them one by one will lead you to the successful racing tour quickly!

  • Make more drifting and gliding – Drifting and gliding will make you perform well in the racing so that you can earn more coins in the end. Because the game will rate your performance to decide how many coins and rewards you will get after each race. For drifting, if you are a new player, we advise you turn auto-drift function on. By doing this, you will save more time on drifting. For gliding, we suggest you stay in the air as long as you can so that you can grab more points during the gliding.
  • Use power-ups properly – The game allows players to use power-ups in each race to help them win. There are lost of power-ups (such as bomb, mushroom and bananas) in the game. The higher level you are, the more power-ups you can choose to use. However, we don’t recommend player use power-up all the time. It will decrease your performance rating in the racing. Only use them if you are in danger position.
  • Earn coins and ruby as much as you can – They are very important in the game. They will help you get a powerful kart and unique drivers in the game. To earn more coins, we suggest you take part in the coin rush event. There, you will have opportunity to earn lots of coins based on your racing skills. For ruby earning, you’d better participate in the bonus-challenge mission. The winner will get 2K ruby plus 10K coins. If you fail both events, you can make use of Mario Kart Tour hack to generate resources to your account!
  • Rotate your kart and drivers in each race – Once you have enough karts and drivers, you’d better group them by skills. For each race, you need to use the right group to accept the challenge. If you have more than three groups, you should rotate them one by one in each race so that they all get promoted chances.


Mario Kart Tour is a classic and perfect racing mobile game this year. Finally, Nintendo has made a good mobile stuff for players to spend time on! Let’s grab our mobile devices to enjoy Mario Kart Tour now!

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