Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats 2019 – Get instant dragon stone

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a fascinating battle mobile game. You need to master lots of fighting skills and battle deployment strategies to succeed in this game. The first few dokkan battles will be easy for all players, but once you enter the stages after level five, you will need more dragon stone and zeni to help you improve your fighter’s overall fighting experience. Our latest Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack will solve your resource lacking issue within a few minutes. So before you start your dokkan batters, read this article to understand some basic aspects of game.

More information about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Why Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game is so popular for all players? One main reason is its story line and characters design. You can control familiar character to fight a dokkan battle. Build a strong fighting team with your favorite heroes to fight against your enemies (such as Frieza and Cell). The story line is catching up with the latest dragon ball story. So you will not feel obsolete when playing this game. Now you should call your heroes, use items and power to form a powerful team and prepare for the upcoming dokkan battles.

Dokkan Battle Tips and Tricks

You may already know that this game is making use of board game mechanics. That means that you can use powerful items and booster to create a strong battle team. A strong team is must have factor to win each dokkan battle quickly. To help you speed up the battle progress, we have listed some important tips and tricks below.

  • Pay attention to landing point – Landing point plays a very important role in this game. If you choose the right landing point, it will give you the most benefits. Otherwise, you have to spend more efforts to fight a battle. For example, landing points with red mark will reduce your hitting points during fighting. You should avoid them. Landing points with blue mark will boost your character’s stats from times to times. Do land your hero on them if you can.
  • Choose your fighting partners carefully – Each battle you can choose a partner to fight with you. You can send a fighting request in your friend list. If someone agrees with your partnership, you can fight together. When choosing your partner, try to select the high level ones. If you don’t have friends in your list, the system will choose a random one for you based on your level.
  • Summon rare characters – The games provides two types of characters – one is normal character and the other is the rare character. Usually, rare characters have stronger skills and stats than normal ones. So you should summon them as soon as you can. You can use dragon stone to summon rare characters. If you are lacking of dragon stone, you can make use of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Cheats to earn them.
  • Do put linkable-skill heroes into your team – Linkable-skill is a powerful skill which will release double damage to your enemy. You can check your hero to confirm if they have linkable skills by tapping the stat menu. If you find nothing, you should try to summon another hero who have that skill.


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game will keep you busy and have fun for many days. Whenever you feel the need for quick access to large amounts of dragon stones, you can consider using Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack.

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